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“ Superphalt is the product name of polymer modified asphalt (PMA) developed by SK energy. It is an innovative product that lengthens the life span of roads. A net of polymer chains created between SBS and asphalt molecules absorbs stress applied on the pavement, dramatically improves viscosity and elasticity, thereby remarkably lengthening the life span of roads. ”

About SK energy's Superphalt It is the brand name of PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt) developed by SK energy. A polymer chain that look like a web, which is formed between SBS and asphalt molecules, absorbs the stress given to the pavement and significantly increases viscosity and resilience, which drastically extends the life span of roads.


· The Superphalt increases resilience at a high temperature during summer, which reduces the degree of plastic deformation.
· The Superphalt increases elasticity at a low temperature during winter, which reduces the degree of cracking.
· The Superphalt can be easily recovered from loading by traffic.
· The Superphalt reduces the possibility of segregation, which has been the problem of existing polymer modified asphalt, which gives stability in storage.
· The Superphalt reduces separation of materials thanks to the outstanding adhesive strength with the aggregate and has great water resistance.
· The Superphalt is great for the pavement of structures thanks to its outstanding waterproof features.
· It deters aging of asphalt, which delays cracking for a long-term.
· It extends the lifespan of pavements and reduces the thickness of pavements.

Type of products and usage

Type of products and usage table
Type of products Type Provider
Superphalt 76-22 PG 76-22 Motorways, industrial roads, bridge deck pavement, etc.
Superphalt 82-22 PG 82-22 Airports, highly-congested roads, industrial roads, steel deck bridges, etc.
Superphalt Porous(PA) Specifications of highly-viscose modified asphalt spec. For low-noise/permeable pavement
Superphalt PSMA PSMA For PSMA pavement
Superphalt Speedway Special specifications for F1 stadiums Motor race courses
Superphalt Mastic Special European specifications For the repair of impermeable bridge deck/old concrete
Superphalt Green PG 76-22 Pavement of motorways, bridge decks with intermediate temperature modified asphalt