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SK energy manufactures AP-5 for paving roads.
This serves as a binder of aggregates when concrete is mixed with asphalt.

About general asphalt products of SK energy Asphalt can be categorized into natural asphalt and petroleum asphalt. Asphalt usually means petroleum asphalt, since only a small amount of natural asphalt is produced in limited areas and only a small amount is used.

Asphalt Products Table
Type Product Name Description
Asphalt cement AP-3 It is a binder of combining aggregates in the process of mixing asphalt concrete which is used for road pavement. Asphalt cement is divided into AP-3 and AP-5 depending on the penetration index.
Cutback asphalt MC-1 It is used to improve adhesion between the layers of road pavement. It is sprayed on the surface in a liquid form at a room temperature.