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“ SK energy manufactures AP-5 for paving roads.
This serves as a binder of aggregates when concrete is mixed with asphalt. ”

About general asphalt products of SK energy Asphalt can be categorized into natural asphalt and petroleum asphalt. Asphalt usually means petroleum asphalt, since only a small amount of natural asphalt is produced in limited areas and only a small amount is used.

Asphalt Products Table
Type Product Name Description
Asphalt cement AP-3 It is a binder of combining aggregates in the process of mixing asphalt concrete which is used for road pavement. Asphalt cement is divided into AP-3 and AP-5 depending on the penetration index.
Cutback asphalt MC-1 It is used to improve adhesion between the layers of road pavement. It is sprayed on the surface in a liquid form at a room temperature.