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SK gasoline has higher RON,
which gives passengers a soft and quiet riding experience.

SK energy's premium gasoline

01 More than 98 RON.

RON means the degree of not generating knocking. The RON of SK's premium gasoline is much higher than that of common gasoline at 91-94. Higher RON enhances engine power, protects the engine, and significantly improves ride quality (smooth and quite driving).

02 Acceleration performance
will be drastically improved.

Factors that affect acceleration performance are optimized, drastically improving instantaneous acceleration of cars. Drivers can feel their cars speed up more smoothly and instantaneously when they step on the accelerator. You will be able to feel the real dif ference when you start up again (as if driving ahead of 2-3 cars).

03 The engine will be cleaner,
and fuel efficiency will be improved.

With the detergent added to the existing EnClean gasoline, the engine will be cleaner, and fuel efficiency as well as the emission of exhaust will be improved.