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Low cost kerosene without any annoying odor,
A superb choice for pleasant heating.

About Kerosene With a boiling point range between 150 and 270꼦, kerosene is extracted from crude oil after naphtha.
The liquid is mainly used for home heaters and small-and-medium sized boilers.

SK energy's kerosene After advanced refining process, SK energy's kerosene products do not contain any foreign substances and are highly combustible. It can be used for small-sized heating devices or boilers at home, since kerosene emits only a small amount of toxic substances.

01Flash Point

Consumers who use kerosene oil need to be aware of its flash point to prevent fire. The flash point of a certain type of oil is the lowest temperature at which the vapors of the material can temporarily ignite by coming in contact with a flame.

02 Smoke Point

The smoke point is an indicator that shows how long kerosene oil can be burned without generating smoke. It is the maximum length of a flame (mm) up to which oil can be heated without smoke. The higher the smoke point is, the less likely smoke will be generated.


The color of an oil has no direct relation with the quality of the product. But it is an indicator of the degree of refinement and contamination. Kerosene oil is colorless and odorless, but long-term storage of kerosene oil can cause it to discolor to a certain degree.