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Total Energy Provider Leading the future energy Business

SK energy is leading the development of high-quality functional asphalt based on its superb technology.
Moreover, the company is going beyond simply selling products, to addressing any issues in the field by dispatching asphalt experts with specialized training and experience.

SK energy asphalt business

The asphalt business is about supporting the stable operation of advanced facilities like HOU/FCC and selling value-added molten sulfur and FCC slurry oil products. Based on outstanding quality and service in the domestic and overseas asphalt markets, SK has been continuously selling more than 2 million tons produced per year, maintaining the no. 1 position in the domestic asphalt market as well as in the Chinese imported asphalt market in terms of market share.

In terms of technologies, SK's technology capabilities have been acknowledged with the patent registration of SBS PMA (Polymer Modified Asphalt) which was internally developed and commercialized for the first time in the Korean market. SK is a leader in value creation in the domestic and overseas asphalt market based on the above technological achievement, and SK will continue to keep its competitive edge in the market based on continuous technology development.

Since 2005, SK has been investing in joint venture business in the asphalt industry in the field of production, storage and sales of modified asphalt in China. In 2009, SK created a local marketing JV for the first time in Fujian, China and is working on expanding the business spectrum. In 2010, SK created a local corporation in Shanghai, China to strengthen its marketing capabilities in the Chinese market.

In the future, for its special product business, SK will solidify its basis as the no. 1 asphalt marketer at home and abroad based on its stable supply capacity, outstanding quality and marketing capabilities. And by strengthening its integrated marketing network within the region and by expanding the business spectrum, SK will also advance into the Southeast Asian and Oceania market while maintaining its position in China and the Northeast region. With this, SK will establish a total value chain encompassing production, trading and sales and further strengthen its position as the no. 1 market player in the region.