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Business Culture

SKMS, SK's management philosophy

“ SKMS (SK Management System) systematically lays out the corporate culture and
business ideologies as well as the management techniques of SK Group.
It is the exclusive management philosophy of SK, which is shared and agreed by all SK affiliates. ”

SK Management System

SKMS, which stands for SK Management System,is a management system unique to SK, which was established in 1979 through agreement between all the members of SK group. It contains management methodology in a systematic way, and it also reveals management doctrine and philosophy. Through the establishment of SKMS, it became possible to develop management philosophies and to enhance the level of effectiveness of management, and from 1979 until now SKMS has been the basis for judgment in all SK of management activities..

human centered Management/persuing supex/ system management

Human Centered Management

SK believes that the human element is the center of the management of the company and that success at pursuing SUPEX depends on people. Thus, SK has a strong belief that the goal of SUPEX can be attained through the maximization of voluntary, willing, engagement of the brainpower of each member of SK.

Persuing SUPEX

The ultimate goal of SK is to create happiness for all who are involved with it, such as customers, members of SK, and SK stock holders. SK is consistently pursuing the highest point of this goal (which we call SUPEX, for Super Excellence) that is attainable with human capability.

System Management

SK emphasizes 'System Management' in order to survive , to achieve continuous growth, and to maintain stability under constantly changing conditions. 'System Management' refers to a reasonable, systematic method of management, which maintains consistency and an organic element that deals with the environment in a dynamic way.

SKMS has been transforming elastically according to the circumstances, though maintaining its essential value. It has been through 12 revisions since its inception 1979. In 2004, 'Happy Management' was taken as the core of SK’s management philosophy and was applied to SKMS. In 2008 the detailed points of 'Happy Management' were recorded in SKMS. Even now, SKMS is constantly evolving and continues developing as the basis of the management philosophy of SK in order that SK may leap into a global leadership role under constantly changing circumstances.