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Business Culture

SKMS, SK's management philosophy

“ SKMS (SK Management System) systematically lays out the corporate culture and
business ideologies as well as the management techniques of SK Group.
It is the exclusive management philosophy of SK, which is shared and agreed by all SK affiliates. ”

SK Management System

SKMS helped SK lay the foundation to advance its corporate culture and business management levels.
All members of SK make judgments and engage in business activities by referring to SKMS.

Toward SUPEX / Human-oriented Management / Systematic Management

Toward SUPEX

SK takes the happiness of its stakeholders, including customers, employees and shareholders, as its ultimate goal in pursuing value. To this end, SK aims to reach the highest level that humans can reach, which it calls SUPEX or Super Excellent.

Human-oriented Management

SK focuses on people and believes that the success or failure of its aim for SUPEX depends on people. It is SK's belief that it can achieve SUPEX through VWBE (voluntarily, willingly, brain engagement) that enables individual employees to demonstrate their utmost capabilities.

Systematic Management

SK stresses systematic management to at least secure its survival in changing environments and further achieve continuous stability and growth. Systematic management refers to an organized and reasonable management method that allows companies to maintain consistency and efficiency in managerial activities and actively respond to trends. The subsidiaries of SK Group engage in autonomous and responsible management based on the systematic management.

SKMS has undergone 12 revisions since its establishment in 1979. During the process, the core values have been maintained and others have been flexibly changed in accordance to the changing environment. In 2004, SK adopted 'happy management' as its key management philosophy and reflected it in SKMS. In 2008, SKMS offered specific measures to realize happy management. SKMS continues to evolve and develop as the management philosophy and corporate culture of SK, seeking to become a global leader amid rapidly changing business environments.