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Business Culture

SKMS, SK's management philosophy

SKMS (SK Management System) systematically lays out the corporate culture and
business ideologies as well as the management techniques of SK Group.
It is the exclusive management philosophy of SK, which is shared and agreed by all SK affiliates.


SK Group and Members

Each member company of SK Group implements autonomous and responsible management under the board of directors, and each company operates the committee under the joint agreement with voluntary participation to specifically implement mutual cooperation. This is the management of 쏧ndependent Yet United, the unique business management by SK Group. All members of SK Group has assurance and passion about the management philosophy of SK and voluntarily and actively implement this.

Implementation and Evolution
Development of SKMS

The SKMS proposes the basic direction of business management, and it is composed of SK management philosophy and methodology to implement this into the actual management. All executive members of SK shall be responsible for implementation, evolution, and development of the SKMS, and especially, the major shareholders for business management shall be responsible for maintenance and development of SK Group and management philosophy.

Philosophy of management

Happiness for Stakeholders

The corporation shall concern about the harmony and balance of happiness among for stakeholders and shall concern about happiness of both present and future for this happiness to be maintained for a long time. Members are parties of interests of the corporation and subjects to compose the corporation at the same time. All members believe and implement that promotion of happiness for stakeholders enlarges happiness of all members and that happiness of each member maintains.

Culture to Promote SUPEX through VWBE

Under rapidly changing environment, the corporation shall promote SUPEX* to raise happiness for skateholders to continuously create the best performance. For this, members use voluntary and willing brain engagement to show the best competence to contribute to outcomes.
* A short term for Super Excellent Level, or the highest level to be achieved by human capability

Principle of execution


Goals/Implementation Strategies of SUPEX

To continuously promote happiness for stakeholders, SK sets the Super Excellent Level, or SUPEX, the highest level to be achieved by human capability, as the goal to accomplish. Though the SUPEX Company is promoted, since it is practically difficult to reach this level, and thus SK sets the repetitive goal to become the Better Company to reach the next level to implement the SUPEX Company.

Composition of Promotion Environment

To promote SUPEX, all members shall use voluntary and willing brain engagement.This voluntary and willing brain use shown outward is a spirit ofovercoming work. Therefore, it is important for members to have a spirit in composing the promotional environment of SUPEX.

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