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Specialty Petroleum Products

The diverse enterprises of SK energy help to make the life more convenient.

Based on outstanding product quality and services, SK energy will continuously 
improve its market presence in the Asia–Pacific regions.

SK energy’s Specialty Petroleum Products Division offers services for stable operation of advanced facilities, such as HOU and FCC, and supplies asphalt, molten sulfur and FCC slurry products as high value-added products. By reliably supplying more than 2 million tons of products a year based on outstanding product quality and service both in domestic and international asphalt markets, we are maintaining the No. 1 market share not only in the domestic market, but also in the Chinese imported asphalt market.

From a technological perspective, SK energy was acknowledged for its technological capabilities as the first oil refining company in Korea to register patents for independently developed and commercialized polymer modified asphalt (SBS PMA). Based on those technological achievements, SK energy has become the leader of high value-added products in domestic and international asphalt markets. Through continuous technological development, we will lead the market by maintaining a superior position.

Since 2005, SK energy has been engaging in joint ventures in China involving modified asphalt production as well as asphalt storage and sales, etc. In 2009, SK energy established the first local marketing joint venture in Xiamen in Fujian province which is currently being heavily promoted for expansion. In 2010, SK energy established a local subsidiary in Shanghai to strengthen its presence in the market in China.

SK energy’s Specialty Petroleum Products Division will continue its efforts to strengthen its position as the No. 1 domestic and international asphalt supplier based on its stable supply capacity, outstanding product quality and marketing competencies. In addition, by promoting integrated marketing network and business area expansion, we will enter Southeast Asian and Oceania markets focusing on China and Northeast Asia to implement a total value chain from production to trading and sales. Therefore, we will further increase our position as the No. 1 market player within the regions.
This website offers information on SK Asphalt and Super Asphalt products. Information on performance and economic feasibility is easily accessible through the website.