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The diverse enterprises of SK energy help to make the life more convenient.

SK energy will further strengthen its position as the No. 1 oil company in Korea through marketing and management innovation with emphasis on customer satisfaction.

Despite the adverse business environment due to the global economic crisis and prolonged economic stagnation triggered by the financial sector in 2008, the Petroleum Division has not only strengthened SK energy’s No. 1 position in the oil refining industry of Korea through redoubled efforts to improve each value chain, but also achieved remarkable outcomes in developing overseas markets by increasing exports

In 2010, SK energy improved its profit structure by improving and optimizing process operations to achieve stable product supply management in order to secure competitiveness in response to increasingly deteriorating cracking margins. In 2011, SK energy will continuously work toward optimizing processes throughout the entire value chain in anticipation of increased price volatility of crude oil and petroleum products and augment its capability to proactively respond to such volatility.

SK energy is focused on improving its marketing efforts by increasing the reliability of its products and working intensively to block pseudo-petroleum products by strengthening quality assurance programs. Based on the Enclean bonus card, SK energy is providing differentiated CRM and customer care services through Enclean Plus, Movie Plus, Enclean coupons and Mobile Enclean --the smart phone application. And in association with SK energy’s Enclean bonus card, we are strengthening our position as a market leader by providing discounts and mileage programs for service station customers. SK energy will carry out differentiated marketing activities by expanding its Netruck business to provide total solutions to truck drivers and activating, a membership website for customers.

In 2011, SK energy’s Petroleum Division, beyond the No. 1 oil refiner in Korea, will focus on expanding into overseas markets with focus on China and Southeast Asia. It will strengthen its fundamental competitiveness by taking a leap as a major company operating within the greater Asia–Pacific regions, so that it can serve as the driving force for continuous growth and advancement of SK energy.

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This website provides membership services to customers using the fueling service at SK energy service stations. In addition to the basic everyday benefits of Enclean Plus+, as well as recommendations of associated credit cards customized to customers’ fueling patterns, this website enables customers to view and manage their individual fuel purchase records and accumulated mileage points.

The website offers customers with special benefits to be shared with their family members and/or beloved ones, such as Movie Plus, whose lucky winners among SK Service Station customers can enjoy movies for free at any time and at any nationwide CGV or Primus cinema, and Textbook Trip, a special program that invites selected customers for each month to thematic travel destinations introduced in textbooks. Also, VIP Preview and VIP Premium Test Drive, offer special events to customers with an outstanding history of using SK service stations.

In addition, SK energy offers a smartphone-based Mobile Enclean service so that customers can enjoy a variety of benefits offered through immediately after using SK service stations.

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This website offers information on a variety of services customized for freight forwarders using SK energy’s services.

This website specially designed for freight forwarders provides a trucking information network as well as information on customers’ individual ‘My Truck Friends’ for trucking franchises as a trustworthy partner with their business success in mind. In addition, customers can find information on My Truck Plus Service Station, the service stations offering special benefits to truck drivers, My Truck House, a comfortable homelike space for truck drivers, and My Truck VIP, a membership service that serves truck owners as VIPs. Moreover, this website provides benefits to truck drivers through a variety of events.

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This website was made especially for corporate customers of SK energy. Customers can access order details and track the shipping status of petroleum products. In addition, this website offers information on petroleum prices, products and related regulations.